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A global vision of services, a customer-oriented experience.
For hygiene and compliance with the constraints of the food industry

Our main activities


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Transport of liquid foodstuffs has been our business for over 130 years.

Throughout Europe, we collect, transport and deliver products required for human consumption (wine, milk, oil, liquid chocolate, etc…).
Our dedicated teams,
professionally trained throughout the year in our internal training centre, work to ensure the quality and safety of these strategic commodities.
Our washing centres
ensure the hygiene and bacteriological safety that are essential for the transported products and the specific standards of each sector.


  • 800 tanks
  • Any food liquid, any quantity, any distance
  • Products transported hot or cold and kept at temperature
  • Geographical area: international
Expertises - Transports Veynat


Our fleet of powdered tankers can transport all food products in bulk anywhere in France and in European countries (Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Sweden…)


  • 445 powdered tanks
  • Transport of dry foodstuffs
  • Products transported: starch, carbonate, cereals, flour, starch, glucose, milk powder, bulk sugar, etc.
  • Geographical area: France and International
Expertises - Transports Veynat


In order to reduce the carbon impact of road transport, we have developed multimodal or combined transport services (“rail-road” or “river-road”), which have led us to allocate part of our fleet to container transport.
Specific skills and trained teams allow us to address tailor-made requests.
Our historical presence in our markets makes us an influential partner for the development of these services.

  • 200 containers
  • Capacity of 285 HL
  • Products transported: milk, fruit juice, water, wine, chocolate, etc.
  • Geographical area: international
Expertises - Transports Veynat


  • 90 conventional vehicles
  • 400-500 pallets loaded and delivered each week
  • Products transported: pallets, wine, alcohol, grape must, boxes, milk and derivatives, etc.
  • Geographical area: national
Expertises - Transports Veynat


  • 25 tippers
  • Quantity transported between 25-30 tons
  • Products transported: flour, cereals, fruit, grape marc, soil, grapes, grape seeds, etc.
  • Geographical area: national


Demands and Responsibility

For any company, customer satisfaction and trust are paramount.
Our certifications set us apart from the competition and reassure our clients.

Expertises - Transports Veynat
Expertises - Transports Veynat
Expertises - Transports Veynat
Expertises - Transports Veynat
Expertises - Transports Veynat
Expertises - Transports Veynat
Expertises - Transports Veynat



By integrating 100% of the skills required for its activity,
Transports VEYNAT guarantees you permanent control over your entire supply chain.