Know-how - Transports Veynat



By integrating 100% of the skills required for its activity,
Transports VEYNAT guarantees you permanent control over your entire supply chain.

Know-how - Transports Veynat

dedicated staff

Sales department

Our commercial services are your first point of contact, and they listen to you in order to offer a personalised service that is perfectly adapted to the requirements of the products handled, the types of transport and the loading and unloading locations.

The audit that they carry out for each situation allows us to control the flows and thus offer tailor-made solutions.

Know-how - Transports Veynat

dedicated staff


Our specialised staff in the various departments of our operation have the main task of providing an optimal service for the flows managed, regardless of the mode of transport used, the nature of the goods or the destination.

Their responsiveness is essential.
Just like our drivers, they are key players in the company.

Know-how - Transports Veynat



Intermodal expertise on the main European routes.
Knowledge of the markets, flows and players.
Proximity of our logistics platforms and our pre- and post-carriage facilities.
Securing road flows.
Types of means : TC 20′, TC 40′, other …
Complete approach to low-carbon logistics (GHG reduction), through our energy and modal mix model.


monitoring of your products

Taking into account your specifications in our collaborative intranet portal, respecting your procedures: our information system guarantees you precise traceability of the loading, unloading and washing stages corresponding to your products.

We have developed our own computerised management tool for operations and flows, connected to the on-board computer in each vehicle.
It allows us to have maximum control over our activity, from order taking to measuring your satisfaction.

We use key performance indicators (KPI) to measure the efficiency of our services.