Alternative energies - Transports Veynat



Resolutely forward-looking, we innovate in close collaboration with our partners to imagine our business in a sustainable future.

Alternative energies - Transports Veynat

Alternative energies

BIO Fuel


It is a fuel of renewable origin, derived from grape marc (recovery of vineyard waste). It is composed of 95% ethanol and 5% non-petroleum additive. This alternative reduces CO2 emissions by 90%. The particles emitted are minute. It is a local (short circuit) and sustainable fuel.


It is a 100% French rapeseed fuel for heavy goods vehicles. Completely renewable, this alternative energy reduces CO2 emissions by 60% and particulates by up to 80%. Fully traceable, it is an alternative to diesel that is perfectly suited to regional transport and long distances.

Alternative energies - Transports Veynat

Alternative energies

OTHER Technologies

Natural gas, Electric vehicles

Currently under study or being tested in our fleet, these alternative solutions offer advantages such as zero GHG (greenhouse gas) for electric vehicles or a 90% reduction for biogas, low noise emissions, controlled consumption and high availability.

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